That Pantsless Producer

If I could work life without pants. I would.




Sleepless Knights pODDcast - 011 Not Jurassic Park

FINALLY OUTTA THAT CAR! Listener's request episode where we answer some questions and comments from the web. Also spending a lot of time NOT talking about Jurassic Park.

Sleepless Knights pODDcast - 012 Wrath of Con

The convention season started again, or the con is on. Recorded after a grueling two day shoot at Katsucon, Paul is so dead on his feet that the only best course of action was to record his rambling, slurred speech and forgetfulness (more so than normal). Mr. Lobo turns the screws and the combination is why we call this episode the Wrath of Con.

Sleepless Knights pODDcast - 013 Re-Con

Continuing the tales of Conventions (comic, Sci-Fi, Anime, Horror and more) Mr. Lobo and Paul reminisce about shows of the past and share con stories.

Sleepless Knights Podcast - 014 Laundry Day

The epic pODDcast episode that is very dirty.... well actually the opposite. Listen to it to get your whites white and your brights bright. Mr. Lobo (and that static cling of a human being Paul), as they broadcast from the laundromat.

Sleepless Knights pODDcast - 015 Hell of a Drug
or Not Enough Bananas

It's time to play the music. It's time to light the lights. It's time to meet the Sleepless Knights on the pODDcast tonight. Miscellaneous ramblings about what goes on behind the curtain. Mr. Lobo may need to consider more drugs while Paul must consider more bananas - or should it be vice versa?

Sleepless Knights Podcast - 016 A Special Guest

Almost live from Aunt Jennie's Diner on route 41 comes the shenanigans from the Sleepless Knights cast, Mister Lobo and Bestow TV's Paul Sanders, with our first guest, Eric Miller. All recorded in front of a live audience of 3 (Dixie, Dillian and Cress). Hold tight while we deliver your order while waiting on our order.

Sleepless Knights pODDcast - 017  Obi-Wan is the loneliest number

What happens when you leave the incompetent second banana in control? This episode is what you get! Mr. Lobo steps out and Paul steps up.

Sleepless Knights Podcast - 018 Williamsport Comic Con

Presenting the top stories when they happen! In this episode we go back 4 weeks to Williamsport Comic Con. Our hapless duo, Mr. Lobo of Cinema Insomnia, produce a live show from their table at Williamsport Comic Con. With special guests, whomever walks by the table and the whole fam damily!

Sleepless Knights pODDcast - 019 We get Sleazy

Episode recorded but not yet realeased.

Sleepless Knights Podcast - 020 Monster of an episode

Episode recorded but not yet released.