That Pantsless Producer

If I could work life without pants. I would.




Sleepless Knights pODDcast - 001 Not a Star Wars Pilot

Late night movie host MR. LOBO and BESTOW TV producer PAUL SANDERS talk about collaborating on CINEMA INSOMNIA's new season on OSI 74! They also take on pop culture, movies, & try to avoid talking even a bit about STAR WARS.

Sleepless Knights pODDcast - 002 The Next One

The NEXT ONE goes over the origin story of how PAUL SANDERS of BESTOW TV and MR. LOBO met and first project(s) they worked on. Cue a cinematic swell. OH, they continue to not, not talk about Star Wars.

Sleepless Knights pODDcast - 003 The War Of Star Wars

The War of Star Wars brings front the war of enjoying or not enjoying any movie, according to social media. CINEMA INSOMNIA'S MR. LOBO and PAUL SANDERS of BESTOW TV go over James Bond, Godzilla, Halloween and maybe a small flick about wars among the stars.

Sleepless Knights pODDcast - 004 Down the YooHooTubes

We follow the white rabbit Down the YooHooTubes in a vile underworld of intrigue, suspense and erroneous copyright claims - in this new hour long format. Join our beloved horror host from CINEMA INSOMNIA, MR. LOBO, and his pantsless pal from BESTOW TV, PAUL SANDERS as they expose the dark side of the interwebs. They may not come back the same folks!

Sleepless Knights pODDcast - 005 Let's Make a Movie

Listen up, folks! We pitch the audience a concept for a movie. Would you watch it? Horror host MR. LOBO and his subject derailing pal, PAUL SANDERS, plays with the ideas of making a feature film while updating the fans on Camp Lobo.This copyright strike brought to by "Grandpa Nana's Down Town South of the Border Corn Chips" - it smells like a corn chip, but tastes like a foot.

Sleepless Knights pODDcast - 006 Circles

cir·cleˈsərk(ə) noun plural noun: circles 1) a round plane figure whose boundary (the circumference) consists of points equidistant from a fixed point (the center). 2) a group of people with shared professions, interests, or acquaintances. CINEMA INSOMNIA's MR. LOBO and BESTOW TV's PAUL SANDERS don't talk about either of those definitions. This copyright claim is presented by "Camp Crystal Lake Drinking Water" - It's slasherlicious.

Sleepless Knights pODDcast - 007 Plot holes and Potholes

The wheels on the Lobo-mobile go round and round. Round and round. Round and round. The trek to start Camp Lobo begins with a car ride to pick up Producer Aaron Lane in this madcap car ride/podcast to the airport of brotherly love.

Sleepless Knights pODDcast - 008 The Voyage Home

The people in the Lobo-mobile go up and down. Up and down. Up and down. Aaron Lane is now reporting for duty on the return trip to Camp Lobo. Join in the experiences as they travel beyond the stars at Stargate Diner/car wash/strip club. Learn something new involving fast food mascots. And generally waste some time with Mr. Lobo and gang.

Sleepless Knights pODDcast - 009 The Road Of Life

The people in the Lobo-mobile just want to get out. Just want to get out. Just want to get out!!! Aaron Lane is now going home from Camp Lobo. In what is now becoming the endless car epic!

Sleepless Knights pODDcast - 010 Hypnotic H-eye-way

Yet another car-pod-cast ... Is this a thing yet? Should it be a thing? Add in the podcasters being worn out and talking gibberish. Tune in next week to see if we ever get out of the darn car.